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New Mum | You Got This

Gift Box Ireland

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Contents Include:

- Haakaa, Silicone Breast Pump | Haakaa

- Natural Mudder Udder Nipple Balm, Lanolin Free | Moogoo

- 15 x Lactation Teabags, Fenugreek & Fennel | Myrtle & Maude

- 4 x Breast Pads, Natural Cotton | Beaming Baby

- Keepsake Gift Box


Please patch test skincare products before use.



Surprise a New Mum with this beautiful Gift Box. The revolutionary Haakaa Silicone Breastpump is really the simplest way to express anytime, anywhere. It suctions onto the breast and then the pump does the work for you, drawing your milk naturally. So you can use it solely to catch additional milk or while travelling, or it can completely replace your electric pump, it saves every drop of breastmilk produced instead of losing it in breast pads and is 100% food grade silicone. Use the caffeine free, organic breastfeeding herbal lactation tea to keep Milk Supply up. The reusable breastpads are soft, breathable, comfortable and made from natural bamboo. They have a discreet slimline fit and are quick to wash and dry. The Moogoo Mudder Udder balm is a soothing balm for breast-feeding mums, made with antioxidant-rich oils like Grape seed and sunflower oil. It has hydrating and soothing ingredients like Shea Butter and Natural Vitamin E, it is free of Lanolin and does not need to be removed prior to feeding as the ingredients are edible.

Perfect for New Mum or Baby Shower Gift


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