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Gift Box Ireland:

Here at Gift Box Ireland we are committed to curating high quality Gift Boxes. We support fellow Irish businesses by procuring the majority of our products in Ireland. Only the best will make it into our Gift Boxes.


Our focus is to create beautiful, high-quality Gifts that everyone would love to receive. We want to help you to create beautiful moments and happy memories.

Vision Statement:

We want to become the most trusted Gifting company in Ireand, making Gifting convenient and easy for you. We want to be the first name you think of when you need a gift.

Core Values:

  • Integrity: Where possible, we procure our products from Small and/or Irish Owned Businesses and build honest relationships.
  • Quality: Only high quality products will make it into our Gift Boxes and the same goes for our customer service - always high quality. Each Gift Box is carefully assembled with care, but in the rare instance that a mistake is made (we're only human), we will make it right.
  • Trust: You can trust us to always keep YOU in mind when curating our Gift Boxes and we will always be open and honest 


A bit about me...

I'm Oonagh, owner of Gift Box Ireland. I live in Cork, Ireland with my Husband (aka marketing manager/local delivery driver/ideas springboard), our two Children and our two Dogs.

Living during Covid lockdowns stirred up my dreams of owning my own business, working for myself and all while doing something I Love. 

Many moons ago I had an idea of starting a Gifting Business with gifts for New Mums, however I quickly realised (because of Covid-19) that I needed to expand on this idea and offer a place online to allow anyone to easily send beautiful high-quality Gifts, for any reason, to those that they love, because everyone deserves a treat, don't they? 

In 2019, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I truly believe this was the push (kick in the arse) I needed to do something that makes me happy, I needed something to keep my mind active and I wanted to make other people happy in the process. What better than Gifts!!

I also wanted to support the struggling Irish economy so, as mentioned, I made it a point of sourcing the majority of my products from Irish suppliers. We are very proud to support Irish and will continue to do so whenever possible.

From "New Mum" to "Relax" to "Celebration" Gift Boxes, I hope you can find something to suit your needs.

Oonagh x x